Saturday, August 19, 2017

House and Cows

We meet in a chapel that was built in the early 1920s. It has old fireplaces in several rooms that have since been blocked but they have decorative wood in them. Mallorie LOVES to play with them, and Sunday School is a constant battle of keeping her from crawling into them. And it's usually always her nap time, so she does NOT like being taken from what she wants, and she lets me know. :)

I try to make sure she has several 15-20 minutes segments during the day where she is just playing totally by herself, and there's no other noise or distractions. It's convenient for me, too, because that's when i sneak in exercise, or work on my church responsibilities, etc.

AND she gets to learn through play! I love love love to hear her babbling to herself, and grunting when she's trying really hard to open a container or something. I love to watch her figure things out and explore. She is in explorer-extreme mode these days and constantly trying to get into everything and it's adorable/exasperating. Most of the time i just let her make a big mess, because she enjoys it so much. And then at night when i'm looking for something to get us through the I'm-really-ready-for-you-to-go-to-sleep-but-it's-a-little-too-early patch of evening, we clean up the living room :)

I think it's cute when i see Karl make a balloon animal that i've never seen him make.
Oh yeah, a story i forgot!

On the fourth of July our neighborhood (which also is our congregation) had a HUGE block party - it was awesome. Karl volunteered to make balloon animals. We set up on the steps of a house and after just two simple animals, there was a crowd of small people squeaking demands. Karl is a pro and his cute patient dad side comes out when he twists. One girl was particular about having NOT a ~boring~ dog or anything. haha. and she said, with a challenging voice, "can you even make anything else?" My protective wife switch flipped on and i asserted, "uhmm, YEAH, he can make all KINDS of stuff," I didn't notice Karl giving me a warning glance as i continued, "helicopters, dragons, whales, pregnant monkeys, unicorns, lio-"
"UNICORNS?!" the girl squealed
I saw Karl give me a weird look but didn't think anything of it. A half hour later i went home and put Mallorie to sleep. Karl twisted for literally three more hours, and i found out when he was done that he spent most of that time twisting - you guessed it - Unicorns. I felt bad because they take kind of long to make and use two balloons, and once that first girl had one, that's what all the other girls in line saw and wanted. He says when he first starts he always suggests the easiest balloons he knows so that he can make them fast and give out as many balloons as possible.
His fingers were pink and dry and sore for the next day from twisting so much!
hahaha sadly funny experience.
what a sweetie.

Mallorie being all cute and eating like a big kid these days

and sitting on the couch like a big kid:

A great picture book for older elementary readers:
"Senefer - A Young Genius in Old Eygpt" - based on the true story of two Egyptian mathematicians
information about ancient Egypt that i didn't know, lively watercolor illustrations, lots of text so i'd recommend 8+ or a read aloud split into sections. Or if you want to read it aloud, read it beforehand and decide which sentences you want to skip on each page. There are many rich details about Egyptian society/markets that are interesting, and help normalize the era, but are not crucial to the immediate story line.
Overall a good book to diversify your collection and educate yourself about real ancient mathematicians!

Sitting, sleepy but tired in her big girl forward facing car seat. Yes, she is traditionally a little young for forward facing, but she meets the height and weight requirements and her pediatrician said it was okay!

I love that she reads in the car, and i just couldn't get over how big she looks in her new seat.
The pic on the right is her asleep with her hand in the puffs container, lol. Also, no, i was not actively driving while taking these pictures. I am a huge believer that one should not use their phone in any way while driving. Dangerous these days. 


I LOVE Mallorie and Karl's relationship right now. I've always loved it, but now that she's moving everywhere she's easier to play with physically. Karl has been sweet with her her whole life, but is really excelling these days now that chase, keep away, play wrestling, and the like have entered the mix. It's adorable to hear them both laughing while i'm making dinner etc. 

Similarly, I have been enjoying this new age of exploration because she will sit longer for longer books, or multiple books in a row (which she did her whole life excluding the last month or so). She also has started showing interest in like, make-believe play. Until now she has "played" in her own various baby ways; taking things in and out of containers, stacking, piling, biting, turning pages, exploring, etc. Which is very cute and makes new toys really exciting because she gets to test them in all her ways. But honestly i get bored really quickly with this type of play, hahahaha. I try to stay interested to encourage her, but i can only stack colored rings onto a peg for so long before going crazy. So i'm excited that she is starting to connect toys with actions.

For example:
She has a little minnie and mickey figurine from Grandpa Horlacher that until now was merely a chew toy. Then one day i made them "dance" on a book, and she copied me! banging minnie's head onto the book over and over. I continued making mickey "dance" on the book (just gently tapping his feet onto the book rhythmically, twisting him in circles etc - dancing) and after a minute she started copying me with minnie! I was so excited, haha. 
I'm cultivating this, because it's much easier for me to make up random plots from toys than repeatedly roll a ball or unpack/repack the playdoh box. 

Isn't she so big and stinking cute?! I thought this picture below was funny because we look like little best friends taking a selfie. we are!

love her. 

Lastly, On Chik-fil-a's "cow appreciation Day" they offer a free entree to anyone who dresses up like a cow! Free food??? You know i'm there. #poorstudents

I asked a person in line to take a picture of us and she didn't include my awesome udder! :( haha I painted a tupperware container pink and glued some of Karl's balloons on and it was hilarious, despite making me look pregnant. #notpreg

Also, Karl refused to paint his nose or wear his ears, lol. 

She drank water out of a bottle at meal times until about one year, when i transferred her to a cup (she is so good at a cup now, what a relief for her lil teefies) and it always made me think she looked like a wee lil baby

"helping me" unload the dishwasher. aka spreading the tupperware all over the kitchen floor, my favorite.