Wednesday, May 30, 2018

March 2018

Sensory Thursday bubbles! I just put water and a little bit of Dawn dish soap into my blender until it got really thick and then poured it into her little sensory tub. She loved it!

A late crazy snow storm that left my neighborhood looking like a snow globe.

I took these photos to post on the internet when we were selling our contract, now I'm really glad that I took them! Because I never took photos of her apartment other than these! I'm happy to remember this sweet little place that we lived. Happy year-and-a-half there.

Some people ask me why I don't paint more in warm colors. This is why! The people's faces and bodies end up looking like a heat temperature map.

My little artist

Pregnant sisters :)  this was only 4 days before Alison had her baby!

We babysat a baby in the ward a couple of times, Mallorie was in love! And it made me smile, because they are 9 months apart. And I thought to myself that I was really grateful that I waited a year to get pregnant again. Some people don't want or need to wait that long in between kids, power to them! But I'm grateful for the spacing of my kids. Taking care of a then 19 month old and a 9 month old was no joke!!

We love games together. Karl always wins so i just play for fun. He plays to win. still. hahaha. One way i enjoy bananagrams even though i know i'll lose is to pick a theme. One night we both did Harry POtter themed. So hard to stick to one theme, but fun :)

speaking of Queen Jo's world of magic:

my dad sent me this picture of a bee swarm at the vineyard and it made me smile. I LOVE BEES! they are magical and tiny geniuses. They make Karl's skin crawl, so i will probably never get to live out my dream of beekeeping in my own garden one day. sad face. I'll continue to admire them from afar <3

Seeing her lay on her tummy with her feet in the air, coloring happily and babbling to herself, is one of my favorite things. I can't count the hours i spent doing the same thing, well into my teens! 

a painting i did of my besh fren adult Mallorie and her husband, MArk-uh

one i did for a woman from my hometown church congregation

another example of why i don't usually use warm colors! (although this one wasn't too bad, because Rebecca and Eric are adorable, but still, poor color choice on my part. when i'm experimenting with colors/technique/etc, i paint my family so it's not creepy that i'm spending hours staring at someone's photo, ha)

a couple from my hometown congregation:

Oh yeah, i got into a habit of drawing Pokemon whenever i'm drawing with Mallorie. She can scribble for like 20 minutes straight, but i get bored doodling lines so i doodle pokemon instead 

some of Mallorie's scribbles actually turn out beautiful? I genuinely loved this one. Dated it and kept it in her baby book because she was so intentional about all of it! It looks like furious scribbles but they were deliberate! She would pause, look around the paper, and add another group or line, and then repeat. It was precious! I especially love the light, small squiggly lines, because she slightly raises her eyebrows in concentration when she's making lighter strokes. 

My LDS General Conference predictions.
(This is so fun, i recommend it just for funsies to my mormon friends)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

February 2018

I made Mallorie a bunch of felt foods for her felt board and she liked them for 1.3 days.

She was obsessed with hats (still is). No matter the temperature, if she sees a beanie it goes on her head. we wonder if this is because she had her helmet for several months, now wearing something on her head feels normal or nostalgic or comforting in some way?
Or she could jsut love accessories, which is also totally possible. She loves bracelets, shoes, bows, bags, belts, etc. 

I specifically saved these because i thought she looked like Shawn White:

We began Sensory Thursdays! When i taught preschool i made a separate Pinterest account so that i wouldn't annoy my friends with all my preschool posting, and i am LOVING that i can use more and more things from it as Mallorie gets older. 

We chose Thursdays because Karl worked until 9pm, so he wasn't there for his usual after dinner playtime slot, and i would usually have run out of ideas for the day by the time dinner rolled around. 

Mallorie LOVED  "cloud dough" (one part oil - i used olive oil - to eight parts flour. I also added some lemon essential oil for the smell because the oil smell was gross to me while pregnant.) and played with it for almost an entire hour straight. giggles and "wow!"s and happiness. awesome. so messy, but so awesome. 

I painted this!
from Facebook:
""an account of one Coriantumr"

Today i entered my first amateur art contest! I'm not expecting to win anything, but it takes a lot for me to submit my paintings to judgement so this was a big deal! haha. 

This is a mesoamerican Stelae giving the account of a warrior king named Coriantumr whose ancestors fled across the ocean after the tower of Babel."

And I painted this for an old friend. I painted one just like it for my niece Jenna and posted a picture of it. An old friend asked for the same painting. I asked if she wanted a print, since it's cheaper, but she insisted on a painting, so i did a second one! haha for the record, if anyone wants any painting i've already done, you're getting a print. hahaha. this was a lot of work, twice. I love to paint! But definitely, prints.

While i did those two paintings, i watched the webseries "Emma Approved" on Youtube.
I had just finished the book "Emma" by Jane Austen and had previously loved the webseries, "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" made by the same people (Pemberley Digital), so i tried it out. The acting is a little cringy at first, but it mostly gets better as it goes along haha. 
And the webseries Emma Approved has probably my favorite version of Harriet Smith. socially awkward, but not a totally idiot, you know?
AND the actors who portray two of the people who end up together at the end of the book/webseries, ended up together in real life! Which is just the best ever. teehee. 
I recommend both series. 
They're funny and extremely cheesy and a little awkward because it's Youtube acting, you know. But great. and clean! (Lizzie Bennet Diaries turns the "Wickham" disaster into something provocative, but nothing is actually shown, only mentioned. It's still Moral Jane Austen)

also, tidbit, when i look back at paintings i can usually picture exactly where i was and what i was watching/listening to while painting that thing. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

I forgot to post about this! Valentine's Day!
We had decided that since we are still poor college students, we wouldn't exchange gifts or go out, or do anything crazy. You just make a nice dinner together and stayed home. I said I would make the dinner if Karl would make the dessert, but Karl had been really busy with school stuff the day before and forgot to get things ready for the cheesecake he planned. So I ended up having to do it the morning of Valentine's Day, because if I hadn't, we wouldn't have had a dessert and when pregnant Melissa thinks she going to get cheesecake, she needs cheesecake! Haha. He felt bad, I was really really annoyed, because I felt like if he had cared, he would have made the time to do it the day before so I could be ready for us. Because not only did he just not do it, but then I had do it. And I had to do everything. I was so mad about it. As the day went on, I kept stewing.
 But after a small meltdown and pity party for myself, I realized that being mad about it was not going to change whether or not the stupid cheesecake was made.
I prayed for help to calm down because I wanted to get over the anger, but for some reason I felt like I couldn't on my own. And I did feel calmer after I prayed. And I continue to feel calmer as the time went on. 

Finally I decided that I would willingly and happily give up my personal time to make the cheesecake because I love Karl, and I still wanted to have a happy Valentine's Day with him. And it didn't matter if he forgot about the cheese cake.

When he came home, he immediately apologized for forgetting about it, and told me that he had been feeling bad all day, so I told him about how I had felt, but that I had decided to just make it anyway because I still wanted to have a happy dinner with him. And he seemed so relieved that I wasn't upset anymore. And he seemed grateful that I was trying to be understanding instead of holding it over his head. And we were able to have a really sweet evening together! Daniel Tiger babysat 
 Mallorie for a half hour or so while we ate dinner hahaha. And it was nice to have the candles and the decorations Etc. And right as we are setting the table, my visiting teacher came over with a bottle of sparkling cider! Was the perfect addition, thank you Courtney! 

The whole ordeal, ending with the pleasant dinner and evening, was representative to me of the purpose of Valentine's Day. I never had a legit Valentine before Karl, and I guess I always pictured it as balloons and cards and candy and flowers and whatever. And while that stuff can be nice, I also know it's not what's important. What's important is making strides in our relationship, and growing closer together. Valentine's day is another day to celebrate that. That's what I want to remember about this Valentine's Day. That I could have fought with my husband, and I could have made him feel miserable, but I chose not to. And by changing my attitude, we were able to have a great night! Valentine's Day!! Woot woot! That's what it's about.

( my first-ever cheesecake from scratch. Karl still made the topping and put it on. In case you're wondering the cheesecake tasted good, but as I said it was my first, I didn't realize how long you're supposed to blend the ingredients, so it was really chunky. Chunks of cream cheese are gross to me, so I didn't even like the cheesecake, hahaha. Serves me right for being in a bad mood while starting to make it.) 

I love you, Karl!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mallorie's Wedding

My best friend Mallorie Hakanson got married in January! I was her Matron of Honor, but i was sick pregnant and didn't help with anything at all....Sorry mal. ...

In case you're wondering, yes, this is who my daughter is named after. I met Adult Mallorie and our other BFF Janelle Holden in 2009ish and at first i 'hated' them, haha. I was really just jealous because they were cool.
the next summer we became thick as thieves at our church's girl's camp, and were really close throughout the rest of high school. There were 6 of us girls who became close that summer, and we called ourselves "the 6 chicks" hahaha

Mallorie and I went to BYU-Idaho and were next-door neighbors, and then roommates, so the friendship deepened and we were pretty much inseparable from then on. That first semester when we were next-door neighbors, one of my actual roommates was Jaylene Harper, and the three of us spent [most of] the rest of our college lives together! Jaylene was a bridesmaid, too, and drove out for the weekend. She got to stay at my apartment and I'm glad, because we got more time to catch up than just the wedding day. 

Jaylene took this photo of my Mallorie (who by the way is obsessed with makeup. she squeals and claps her hands whenever she sees me get it out)

It was raining the day of the wedding and as usual, i was running late. I only lived 2 blocks from the temple where Mark and Mallorie were getting married, so i figured i could walk there with plenty of time. ha. I ran, in high heels, while pregnant, the entire way, and was huffing and puffing when i got inside, but i had a minute to catch my breath before we were escorted in, so it was fine :)

one of the "6 chicks", Nicole R, was there at the sealing, too, and it was great to catch up. (She recently became engaged herself!)

When mormons get married in the temple, it's called a "sealing". It's very simple and traditional. a small group of family and friends sit surrounding the bride and groom who take beautiful but simple vows given by an officiant. I cried when they were pronounced married, i was so happy for them! I was completely filled with JOY for their decision and marriage. I love them both so much and love them together. They kissed and exchanged rings and then we all got to give them a hug. They were radiant. 

I met Mark in 2013 the Sunday before my birthday. I had an extra ticket to a concert on the evening of my birthday, and after church while waiting for a meeting, i sat in a chair in a hallway next to Mark and struck up a conversation to pass the time. I asked him if he wanted to come to the concert with me. 
"How much is it" he asked (typical Mark response, haha)
"It's free! I already have a ticket!"
so even though we'd only known each other for 5 minutes, he agreed, and we had a great time! We went with a big group, and honestly it didn't feel like a date, it was just a bunch of people becoming friends. and that same group of people became our good friends that semester!

Mallorie and Mark officially met, though they'd heard a lot about each other, in the fall of 2013, and they started dating in the spring of 2014, and the rest was history.

My favorite part of their wedding day was seeing Mark looks at Mallorie. I love her like a sister and knowing that she's in a loving relationship with a good man brings me happiness. 

My feelings were bursting and i couldn't hold back tears as i hugged Mallorie and Mark before exiting the temple. They've had a journey together, and seeing them joined for eternity was sweeter than i can say. I love them love them love them and wish nothing but joy for them in their marriage. It was a little bittersweet, though. 
Obviously the dynamic of our friendship changed when i got married and moved away from Mallorie and Jaylene, and again when i had a baby, but we stayed best friends. and we talked through texts, FB, video chats etc. but Mallorie getting married moving away, and Me moving to Texas, really split us up and i genuinely don't know if we'll all be together again. Everything just gets complicated as life moves on. 
I was lucky to have them both at my wedding, i loved being with them at Mallorie's wedding, and i hope to be there for Jay's wedding someday, but you just never know what life brings.

Overall i jsut felt grateful for the years we've had together, and with Mallorie, the almost decade we've been side by side. She was my rock in so many terrible times, and my partner in so many bright ones. She is incredible. 

We love you Mallorie and Mark!
Thank you for letting us be a part of your day, and now that we only live 3 hours from you, hopefully we'll see each other again this year!